MDT Tech Resin Generic Prime Resin

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MDT TechResin®

TechResin® generic resin is certified producer prime resin. Generic Prime material will be represented under MDT nomenclature. FDA compliance statements are available unless otherwise stated on the data sheet. Other regulatory declarations (DMF), UL, REACH, CONEG, etc. are not available with TechResin®. Producer prime certifications on file for traceability.

  • Similar grades from different producers
  • Slightly broader specification range to accommodate the several approved grades
  • Tech Resin® Technical Data Sheet provided
  • Tech Resin® Certificate of Analysis provided with each shipment
  • FDA Compliance statements


TechResin® 2095
  • 20MFR, .955 izod
  • Natural Color
  • TDS
  • SDS
TechResin® 2096
  • 20MFR, .953 izod
  • Natural Color
  • TDS
  • SDS
TechResin® 8060